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Hola, I'm Jairo.

A physical activity researcher.
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Hola, I'm

A physical activity researcher.

What can I do for you?

My mission is to provide open-source solutions for obtaining meaningful and ready-to-use metrics to characterise physical activity and related behaviours based on data collected with wearable sensors.


The fast developments in technology and software to process and analyse wearable data 

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Need help to collect data using wearable sensor or to analyse data already collected? I am experienced in data collection and data processing with wearable sensors

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I can teach you how to analyse your movement sensor data, this service is carried out in collaboration with Accelting

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Software development

Do you need a tool to process your wearable sensor data or a metric that is not available yet? I can provide you with the tools to make progress in your research

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"Measure what is measurable, make measurable what it is not so"

Galileo Galilei


Thanks for your message!

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